ItUnd project, drawings

“ItUnd_Journey 1”, 

This is one work, consisting of 160 drawings, carborundum on 3oo gr Fabiano paper. Total seize when on the wall in one straight line, 45 Meter. When grouped in blocks from 8×20 total approximately 9 x 3 Meter. Each individual drawing: 27 x 35 cm.

“ItUnd_Journey 1” ‘describes ‘ the adventures of ‘ItUnd and The Artist (in exile)’, and are based on a modern black philosophical fairy tale i’ve written. Which you can find on my “ItUnd’ blog.


Possible personae and characters in ‘ItUnd and The Artist (in exile).

All the works below are pencil on paper, 22,9 x 30,5 cm. They handle about all the different kinds of entities which one can find in ItUnd’s Universe. And they were developed over the last 4 years.


A study for possible personae , 22,9 x30,5 cm pencil on paper.